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Essential Question: Were the Progressives successful in reforming the social, political or economic problems in America?

Your Task: In small groups, construct a Wiki-Page that:
a. gives a thesis with regard to the question and the area of reform you are assigned
b. provides an effective overview of the problem Progressives were tackling
c. provides several examples of legislation or amendments that were enacted to solve this problem
d. gives key figures in the reform movement
e. connect the movement to the current day

In an effort to have constant access to group presentations and work, I'm asking you to post your collaboration on the Progressive Era on this wiki-page. It's easy! Now that you are an administrator of this page, you can go to the edit function and work on your page.

1. Create a page attached to this one. Go to the right of this page and click on "Pages and Files". Title your page and begin editing it!

2. Create content for your page. Please see above.

  • DANGER!! DANGER!! DANGER!! Do not cut and paste large chunks of text into your wikipage. No one will read it!
  • BULLET point and use your own words. Less is more!
  • Avoid film clips that are longer than three minutes. Choose wisely!

Basic requirements include incorporation of the resources given to you, (images, primary source documents and notesheets), but I also encourage you to embed videos, narration and other bells and whistles to make the page more inviting. Play with the functions! allows you to record and embed your voice. Use the little TV function above to embed a Youtube video. Include a graphic organizer from webspiration. Upload a powerpoint. Go crazy!

ONLY ONE PERSON CAN EDIT THE PAGE AT ONE TIME! I would recommend finding sources or creating text individually and THEN loading them up to the page one at a time.

You will ultimately be showing this to the class on our presentation days.


Media Center Please note that the images that I gave you came from the "Decades" resource here.

DATABASES Your absolute best resource- please see the Media Center Main Page for passwords if working from home

Progressive Era Links Primary sources

vocaroo Record your voice and embed it

Graphic organizer Webspiration

Slide Share Upload your powerpoint presentations and embed them

Progressive era sites

Progressive Era Primary Sources

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